Andy Burnham’s latest Spam Email.

Yesterday there was a spam Email sent by hypocrite responsible for countless needless deaths, Andy Burnham. It had the title of This is Heartbreaking. It was a transcript of the speech given by duzzy ald fuel, Harry Leslie Smith with an obsequious introduction. I won’t bore you with the introduction. I’ll just deal with the speech.

“I came into this world in the rough and ready year of 1923. I am from Barnsley and I can tell you that my childhood, like so many others from that era, was not an episode from Downton Abbey.

So you were born about the same time as my Dad was born then. He had a typical; working class upbringing too.

Instead, it was a barbarous time. It was a bleak time. It was an uncivilized time because public healthcare didn’t exist.

I’ve heard that it was tough for my Dad and his ten siblings because their old man used to spend all the money down the Mariners. But that’s another story.

Back then hospitals, doctors and medicine were for the privileged few because they were run for profit rather than as a vital state service that keeps a nation’s citizens fit and healthy.

The NHS was the result of the Beveridge report commissioned by the war time government lead by Sir Winston Churchill. Labour have invented a myth that it was their idea and all other parties opposed it. Beveridge was in fact, a Liberal. The NHS is an absolutely amazing organisation. When you consider its size and purpose, it’s a wonder that it works at all. But on the whole it does work and helps keep most of us in good health.

My memories stretch back almost a hundred years, and if I close my eyes, I can smell the poverty that oozed from the dusky tenement streets of my boyhood.

That poverty ended because of the triumph of Marks and Spencer’s over Marx and Engels. The poverty of those times was eradicated because of capitalism and the encouragement of free enterprise. Socialists would like to claim that it was through the creation of the welfare state. But it was eradicated by free enterprise providing better opportunities for all. Through the welfare state, Labour took society backwards creating a benefit dependant underclass.

I still remember hearing while I played as a child on my street the anguished cries that floated from a window on my boyhood street. They were the screams from a woman dying from cancer who couldn’t afford morphine to ease her passage from this life.

There’s still people remembering the screams of patients being denied pain killers in Mid Staffs being neglected and forced to drink from dirty vases as they died in agony under Andy Burnham’s watch.

What really sickens me is the fact that after 13 years of allowing needless deaths and privatising OUR NHS, Labour have the nerve and audacity to spout such self righteous squit.

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2 Responses to Andy Burnham’s latest Spam Email.

  1. Jim P says:

    As Jeremy Hunt said in his speech, the NHS does not belong to the Conservative or Labour party, it is part of the nation’s identity, and does not discriminate on the grounds of political party membership! Sadly the labour party will continue their destructive rhetoric which only damages the morale of NHS staff who don’t want to be treated as a political punch ball by labour.

    As the author has alluded to, the first Act of Parliament establishing the NHS was passed by Winston Churchill’s government -which consisted of Conservatives and Labour working together in the national interest.

    Andy Burnham and his socialist colleagues should cease their endless attacks on the state of the NHS and start to support the Conservatives’ ongoing commitment to increase the NHS budget. Don’t hold your breath, as all we will continue to hear is complete nonsense and mis-information from Red Ed and his comrades.

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