Guest Post by James Harding

Here is the latest guest post by James Harding. He has been asked by East of England Young Intolerance if he could join them as a special advisor.
My Future and Joining UKIP

This Week, I have made a very important decision about what is right and what is wrong for me and my country and most in important of all the future. I was contacted by a UKIP member in regards to me joining UKIP youth wing, Young Independence.

I was informed that they needed advisers and that they were really passionate about getting our country back. This offer took me back somewhat as I thought UKIP would know what I thought about them due to my twitter wall. They did know, but things have changed since then. I have thought long and hard about converting to UKIP and what I think about the European Union.

My reasoning for this post is simple, I want to make my country a better place. I want more opportunity and I don’t want to be tied up within Europe and the commission which has too much powers over this country. I believe in choice and freedom. So it is regretful that a decision such as this one needed to be made, but I think it is right.

After all how long can we remain the way we are in this society of hatred. “not about left or right it is about right or wrong” Nigel Farage said to his conference this year, meaning UKIP are the way forward.

So, Will I leave the Conservative Party and join UKIP? Of Cause not! I’m not a Carswellian clown after all!

Yes, that’s right after carefully considering the above I decided UKIP are not for me at all! They waste taxes in the European Parliament and don’t do anything to change things! Why would I want to join that!

I thought about the future, So why would anyone think I would convert to UKIP, my own future tells me that they are a one minute wonder and the future of this country leads to a Miliband Government of national bankruptcy!

Conservatives have achieved an amazing amount in Government and I will always be the first to defend their record to the electorate and get Mr. Gummer re-elected in May. For I am not a kipper I am always a Tory.

UKIP are the Plastic, Populist Socialist Party! They make it up as they go along, they say anything to get a vote, and furthermore closet Socialist. Wanting a Miliband government next May!

Douglas Carswell said in his victory speech “If this Party governs for all Britain’s”

Well they are not doing such a good job as they believe that the bad weather was caused by Gay marriage and Romanians’ have no right to move next door to a Englishmen. In this country I believe this country has a problem with integration in society which is caused by the views of UKIP and BNP and Britain First!

I would never make such a Reckless decision to let Miliband through the back door.

In conclusion, After careful, long and hard thinking I have decided to stay a member of the Conservative Party.

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