Labour respond to the King of Gipping’s Onslaught

Ipswich Labour decided to take drastic action to counteract the tireless campaigning in Gipping Ward by the Ipswich Conservatives excellent borough candidate.

They had Shadow Anti business minister Chukup Ummana and 40 other Labour members who wanted their picture taken with someone remotely famous in Gipping Ward last Saturday.

The King of Gipping has been informed that it was far from the wonderful day for them Ipswich Labour’s website claims.

Privately educated millionaire Chuckup Ummana, who is famous for buying suits worth thousands of pounds and wearing them like bin bags, came to Ipswich in tight jeans and an anorak to hide his background of privilege making him look like a complete prat.

Gipping Ward councillor David Ellesmere has been a ward councillor in these parts for getting on twenty years and only met the land lady of the Kingfisher on Saturday. This demonstrates how little he cares about the local community.

Chuckup said that Captain Mainwaring was a fantastic General Election candidate and Leader of Ipswich Council. This demonstrates the fact that Labour want to turn the whole country into a ruinous mess.

We have been informed that the day was one that Ipswich Labour would rather forget.

“Hello I’m calling on behalf of David Ellesmere”

Many local residents were turning their noses up at them and when they went in the Kingfisher they were mocked by the regulars drinking inside who told them that they would never get their votes in a million years.

This is yet another indicator that a Tory landslide is imminent next may.

The King of Gipping shall continue campaigning in his realm.

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3 Responses to Labour respond to the King of Gipping’s Onslaught

  1. Jim T says:

    The idiot who came to my door just ranted about the Tories and did nothing else.

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