What’s Wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry

Keep Labour Out (aka Get Labour Out)

What’s wrong with Labour? Emily Thornberry.

The Tweet and explanations about a driveway with a white van and 3 English flags while she was canvassing in Rochester sum up Emily Thornberry. An arrogant, sneering, elitist snob who looks down her nose at everyone.

Sadly the “party of the working class” has been taken over by a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Millionaire property gatherer Emily Thornberry who seems to look down her nose at everyone.
  • Millionaire tax dodger Margaret Hodge who attacks Starbucks while her own family business pays less percentage tax.
  • Millionaire property flipper and expenses dodger Ed Balls.
  • Millionaire and private school goer Harriet Harman

That’s not forgetting the likes of:

  • John “2 Jags and 5 houses” Prescott
  • Tony “oil well that ends well” Blair

It runs through the party. So when Miliband said “their values are different to the Tory’s values” was he just talking about  their property portfolios?

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