My week ahead, 24 – 30 November 2014

Thursday 27 November,Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Saturday 29 November, Campaigning in Ipswich

This week UKIP won in Rochester and Strood because a lot of working class people decided that they were not going to vote Labour any more. Champagne socialist, Labour MP Emily Thornberry explained to the nation why. Labour are going to be utterly destroyed at the next election and it’s a good thing they are. Every Labour government there has been has caused destruction and created hardship. The NHS was a coalition government idea but Labour claims it was theirs. They don’t mention that the government who brought in the NHS was the government to have this country being the last to scrap ration books because of their economic incompetence.

Also this week Ipswich Labour pretended to have a council meeting and had the other councillors along to make it look like one. It was not actually a council meeting but a local Labour party rally instead. They pretended to put forward a motion to raise apprentices pay. As this is the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ipswich, democracy is a mere illusion. The objective of it was to encourage people to work for the council instead of the private sector which they consider evil except hypocritically if it’s a nice fee paying school they work at. Because the Tories objected to it. The author of the dRoss Blog has spent the week going on about it.

The Labour group was referred to as a beached whale. Which it is. Only the front bench can take part in the meeting and all the back benchers except to second a motion have to remain silent and put their hands up when required. There is hardly any contriubution from the masses of Labour lobby fodder except to second motions and put their hands up at the right time. Amusingly Tracy Grant put her hand up at the wrong time and quiclkly pit it down again. She has probably since been tarred and feathered mercilessly.

Here is the author of the dRoss Blog’s contribution to the meeting,

A stupid laugh.

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  1. Julie says:

    What a horrible laugh.

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