Labour are Hypocritical Liars

Labour are such hypocritical liars.

Labour created the ‘bedroom tax’

Labour did nothing about the rise in Zero hour contracts

Labour left youth unemployment higher than it is at present

Labour created an underclass locked in poverty.

Labour allowed child poverty to increase.

Labour created the economic conditions to make food banks necessary.

It was Labour who ‘left office with a note saying -sorry we spent up -no cash left.

It was Labour who cut the 10% tax band to fund keeping the top rate at only 40% to help their rich mates

Yet Labour are such hypocritical liars that they make the claim that all these things are the result of the present government.

Labour have all this faux rage. All these crocodile tears.

It is so sad that Labour make up so many lies to further their cause and even sadder that some people still believe them.

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1 Response to Labour are Hypocritical Liars

  1. Julie says:

    Labour are so horrible and cruel.

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