Mauritania has now jailed more anti-slavery activists than slave owners. #FreeBiram.

Biram Dah Abeid and two of his fellow activists have been sentenced to two years in jail for protesting against slavery in Rosso, south Mauritania.

The verdict was greeted by protests outside the courtroom and international condemnation, despite this the Mauritanian government has stood by its actions and moved the men to a remote prison making it difficult for them to see their families.

Over 130,000 people have called for the activists’ release, hundreds have helped fund an independent trial observer to help ensure a fair trial and now the issue is starting to get media attention.1 We know that the activists have had a better legal defence than would otherwise have been possible – eight other activists standing trial were released after the huge pressure that was placed on the government.

The fight to free Biram and his fellow activists isn’t just about three men unjustly jailed; it’s about pushing Mauritania, the country with the highest rate of slavery in the world to finally abolish this horrible practice.2


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