The Indoctrination of Children

Here the Daily Express reports that

Asking children how the Holocaust could have happened, teachers at Chellaston Academy in Derby displayed slides with the words Evil, Bloodthirsty, Monsters and Murderers and referred to Melita Maschmann, a German diarist whose work recounts her time in the Hitler Youth and as a propagandist for the regime.

It was the next slide, however, that caused fury with Ukip.

Entitled “There’s no way modern Britain could repeat Melita’s mistakes… right?” it displayed an image of Nigel Farage, with the caption “I wouldn’t want to live next door to a Romanian!” and “Blames bad traffic on eastern Europeans”.

The party was alerted after a pupil told his parents.

Naturally the left don’t find anything wrong with this. The ironic thing is that the slide show talked about the brain washing of German children during the 1920’s and 1930’s while brainwashing children of 21st century Britain.

Here Breitbart reports

Chairman of UKIP Friends of Israel Group Shneur Odze attacked the school for “cheapening the memory” of holocaust victims.

“As someone who lost most of his family, am personally offended,” he said. “Furthermore ‘To misrepresent the 1930’ climate of hate and its causes, not only discredits the memory of the millions murdered, it fails today’s students, who don’t know what to look our for.”

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