Was I right or was I right?

On the May 7, 2011 I posted this. about Ipswich Labour’s Priorities.

I believe that their priorities are

  • Blaming the last Con/Lib adminstration

  • Blaming the Con/Lib government.

  • Offering money to Suffolk County Council for lollypop patrols and libraries that are not threatened

  • Saying how evil the county Tories are when the money being offer to them is refused.

  • Claiming to have saved Ipswich Buses from imminant doom

  • Having their councillors claiming to do anything Conservative or Liberal Democrat councillors do and insisting that all good ideas from other parties were in fact theirs

  • Terrifying the electorate with imminant doom if they lose the council next time.

  • Claiming the Tories have a wicked secret plan that will cause death and destruction throughout Ipswich if they get back in.

  • Raising Council Tax and blaming the government.

  • Increasing the borough’s debt that has been significantly decreased by the last administration and then blaming the government.

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    One Response to Was I right or was I right?

    1. Clair and John Newton says:

      Absolutely correct Kevin. David Ellesmere has been Leader of the Council for getting on years now. All these years he has blamed the Tories for what is his Parties mess! He should feel ashamed of his attitude. He has recently claimed that his rent rise was OK because of the Tories rent rise in 2011. It boggles the brain. Libraries were not threatened and no Library in Ipswich has closed! It was merely electioneering on their part. I remember getting leaflet pushed through my door and as John went to throw it in the outside bin my neighbour came over and told him she was so concerned about this and then voted Labour. It’s a disgrace. Yes Ipswich Labour do go around claiming they have done things which the Tories have done, take Bishops Hill traffic light saga. Yes Labour do scaremonger because they like to scare people into voting for them, and not the Party of aspiration. The Conservatives. And yes, they like to do things like threaten people with repercussions of Government policies which won’t actually happen, like they continually go on about the Bedroom tax, one I saw on Facebook had actually said the policy had caused suicide, confronted with basic facts his silence was deafening. They have raised council tax, they have raised council rents even though the Government do not want Councils too raise council tax. Saving the best point until last….THE SUGAR BEAT FACTORY! BORROW, BORROW, BORROW and BORROW!

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