Ipswich Labour will not work with the Suffolk Tories

Here the Ipswich Star reports

Council leaders in Suffolk are today insisting they will work together on improvements to the town following the open letter from Ipswich Star editor Terry Hunt in yesterday’s edition of the newspaper.

However it has emerged that a meeting to discuss the future of the town centre earlier this week was hampered by the absence of anyone from Ipswich Borough Council.

It is no surprise that nobody from the Borough attended. Ipswich Labour are totally incapable of doing anything that isn’t for party political purposes and working with a Tory council would not lead to any political gain for them. Therefore, they are completely uninterested.

As far as Ipswich Labour are concerned, the leadership of Suffolk County Council is to be used for party political point scoring, bogus or genuine. They would rather say in their junk mail that Suffolk Tories don’t understand Ipswich while blaming the decline of our town centre on them.

The Suffolk Conservatives know that a strong Ipswich is an essential part of a strong Suffolk. But Ipswich Labour are intent on turning Ipswich into a ruinous mess to make people more inclined to vote Labour. Because Ipswich labour only do what they believe is in the interest of the Labour party, they are incapable of working with the Suffolk Conservative leadership.

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