Labour’s Hatred of Britain

Labour poses a clear and present threat to bring chaos and misery to Britain if it wins the election in May.

It is now becoming clear that every time Ed Miliband opens his mouth the stock market takes a hit, not just because he is a blithering idiot, but also because he wants Britain to fail.

Now Labour under Ed Miliband’s leadership has declared war on British business. First was a savage attack on Boots. Boots employs 60,000 people but for purely ideological reasons Labour, would rather they shut all their UK stores and move to the continent like C&A did. Such is Labour’s hatred of Britain.

Labour’s war on business could cost millions of jobs.

Due to being driven by a failed ideology Labour has failed to grasp that without successful businesses, public services will be robbed of the funding they need, and families will suffer hardship as jobs are cut.

Labour also want to encourage business to leave Britain by declaring war on tax havens. First they accuse Boots of being registered abroad when it was legislation brought in by Gordon Brown, that persuaded many British companies to be registered elsewhere.

Labour have such a hatred for Britain that they have declared war on anybody who uses tax havens apart from their own financial advisers who also use one. Labour under Ed Miliband want to black list tax havens. Meanwhile the unions are creating havoc about the existence of black lists elsewhere. But socialism is an ideology of hypocrisy.

The Labour party hates Britain so much that Ed Miliband upset the Gibraltarians by labelling them a tax haven and threatening to blacklist one of Britain’s proudest Overseas Territories if they do not comply with his demands. Gibraltar was among overseas territories and crown dependencies that Mr Miliband wrote to this weekend, saying they would have six months to open their books or face international blacklisting if Labour wins the general election. This is because those overseas territories and crown dependencies want to be British and Ed Miliband hates Britain and therefore hates them.

Further proof that Labour hate Britain is the fact that they are willing to go into coalition with the Tartan Stalinists, a party so nasty and bigoted that they spitefully abuse their opponents, openly branding them as quislings and collaborators for daring to disagree. Such is Labour’s hatred of Britain

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