The NHS is in Danger

Here the Telegraph reports

It is welcome news that the Government is committed to driving down NHS mortality rates and helping whistleblowers who speak about failures in care. Most NHS workers do a difficult job to the best of their ability – and the public is doubtless grateful for their professionalism. But it is appalling to discover that around 1,000 patients are dying each month because of staff blunders. One of the worst examples of such a failure in care was at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, where elderly patients were left starving, thirsty and lying in soiled bed clothes. The problem at Mid Staffs was partly because the culture of decay was regarded as perfectly normal and so was tolerated by the staff. Those who did try to speak out were bullied.

It is fantastic that this Conservative lead government is addressing mortality rates rather than covering them up as the last Labour government did. There has been much improvement to the NHS over the last five years and we now have a health service which is the best in the world.

But our precious NHS is in danger. It is in danger of being dragged back to the dark days of covering up needless deaths and wheels being taken off trolleys to lower trolley waiting times. This danger comes from the possibility of a Labour government. The last Labour government privatised huge swathes of our NHS with PFI’s to make their rich friends money. They also sold off NHS care homes because they didn’t want to worry about some of the most vulnerable in society.

Labour plan to bring back PFI’s and introduce more and more unrealistic targets that will turn the NHS from an institution of care into a bureaucracy where everything and everyone are mere statistics.

We can not go back to the days of people dying on trolleys that are classed as beds because the wheels have been taken off to cut trolley waiting times. We can not go back to people needlessly dying in agony. We mustn’t go back to wards in some hospitals being torture chambers instead of places of care.

You can’t trust Labour with the NHS.

Vote Conservative.

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