No vote; No voice – Make sure you register to vote

Around 4500 voters have disappeared from the Register of Electors in Ipswich and as Ipswich Labour attempt to score political points off everything they are blaming the government They insinuate that the government don’t want us to vote.

As it was Benjamin Disraeli who first gave the working class the vote and if his philosophy is followed through you end up with universal suffrage and Emily Pankhurst was a Tory, it is us Tories who strongly believe people should vote.

As Ipswich Labour have done nothing to improve the low turnout in Gipping, Gainsborough and Whitehouse wards it looks like it is Ipswich Labour who don’t want us to vote.

As hardly anybody visits Ipswich Labour’s website, they probably haven’t gained any
more votes from their bogus political point scoring exercise.

If you think you may not be on the electoral register and you live in Ipswich, you can find out by Emailing IBC at or telephoning them on 01473 432533. If you are not registered you can register online here.

If you are registered to vote, then the next thing to do is go out on the 7th of May and vote Conservative.

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