My week ahead, 15 – 22 February 2015

Monday 16th February – Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Tuesday 17th February – Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Thursday 19th February – Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Saturday 21st February – Campaigning in Gipping Ward

This week 20 Conservative party activists joined our brilliant MP Ben Gummer and I campaigning in Gipping Ward. We picked up a number of issues to go with the ones that the King of Gipping is already dealing with. A number of people expressed their frustration at how Labour are letting down not just Gipping Ward but Ipswich as a whole. People have had enough of Labour ruining our town and will be glad to see the back of a few Labour councillors in May as well as seeing Ben Gummer re-elected. Conservative activists were also in wards across the constituency.

Also this week the unfathomable depths of Ed Miliband’s lack of understanding of the real world was revealed. Labour party members also showed how out of touch with reality they were. To some in the Labour party, getting your business VAT registered is immoral because you avoid paying tax by doing it. Such is their lack of understanding of how VAT works. This also proves that they would be incapable of running a whelk stall and if they got in government it would be absolutely disastrous. They also think that people who work abroad should pay tax in both the country they work in and here. They call opening a bank account in the country you work in tax evasion when it is in fact, merely being practical. They also don’t know the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. Avoidance is legal and evasion isn’t. But this noise about tax avoidance is part of Labour’s war against business. They want to bring in a turn over tax and send thousands of businesses belly up through it. Such is Labour’s contempt for enterprise. This points to the kind of disaster a Labour government would be.

The moral bankruptcy of Labour and the left was revealed this week too with a piece of awesome Double Think. According to Labour and it’s supporters, Samantha Cameron working for a handbag company based in Luxembourg is wrong but Owen Jones working for the Guardian which has elaborate ways of avoiding tax is none of his concern and he shouldn’t be judged by what his employer does.

Also this week the author of the dRoss Blog came out with some nonsense on Twitter. Nothing unusual about that I know, but he was on form this week. He said that he was waiting for an apology from either Judy Terry or myself. As we haven’t got anything to apologise for, why should we? Alasdair also tweeted a good fair few lies and went out of his way to annoy Ben Gummer MP and Councillor Cenci. Then to top it all off he whinged on his blog that shows Alasdair has little grasp of any real facts.

The aggression being shown on the dRoss blog is conclusive evidence that Ipswich Labour’s campaign isn’t going as well as they claim.

I wonder when Ipswich Labour are going to apologise about what they said about libraries. I also wonder when Labour are going to apologise for the mess they made of our economy.

I also believe councillor Cenci puts it well here.

Don’t know about the labour bloggers but I have work to do
It has really brought home to me recently how certain labour councillors who blog and tweet should seriously consider where their time is best spent.

I know I have neglected this site a little in recent weeks but that’s because:

I have spent many hours saving a resident in Stoke Park ward from eviction, which meant representing her at court, meetings with IBC about her benefits, emails and phone calls to the housing association etc etc

I have spent time on case work including preparing to represent a resident at a planning committee

I have read hundreds of pages of council and executive papers in order to hold the labour admin to account

I have been delivering and knocking on doors to speak to residents. I have been working hard on behalf of Ben Gummer who is the finest MP we have seen for many a decade and he is worth my time.

I have fitted in being group leader and shadow portfolio for finance

I have been preparing to give an alternative to labour for Ipswich residents for our manifesto

And much much more…

This took me about 5 minutes to type because I wasn’t trying to think up anything clever or derogatory about the other side who seem to spend a lot of time trying to goad me on twitter and have faux rants all through the evening about stuff that has nothing to do with me. Nor was I looking to write a masterpiece. This is about – what is your councillor doing?

I think they need to get out more..

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