Liberal Democrat Focus

The Ipswich Liberal Democrats have updated their website. But they don’t seem to be doing anything in Colchester any more. They have links to nonsense being said by Nasty Nick.

I guess as the Colchester Lib Dems have made a complete mess regarding the iconic Jumbo the Water Tower, by insisting that it is left to rot and insisting the public can’t have access to it, Ipswich Lib Dem’s don’t want people to realise how much lib Dems do nothing but doof about.

Here’s what the useless Colchester Lib Dems with the help of the equally useless Colchester Labour rejected.

The Ipswich Lib Dems also have a new twitter account here. where they have tweeted this

Obviously as the election draws near it will be interesting to see how the Ipswich Lib Dems attempt to agree with everyone on twitter and get away with it.

The Ipswich Lib Dem’s website no longer has a picture of the Ipswich Regent but has this picture.

I’m not sure about that picture. Have they really got that many members?

The Lib Dem manifesto is one of economic ruin like Labour’s is. They want to borrow more and saddle us with debt.

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