Ipswich Labour’s election Campaign

Yesterday evening the comrades of Ipswich Labour had a meeting in the lecture hall of Ipswich Central Library to discuss how badly their election campaign is going. Intelligence sources inform us that they had a briefing about strategy and Captain Mainwaring made a delusional speech about how he’s going to win Ipswich. We understand that there is much despondency within the ranks of Ipswich Labour, hence former Ipswich MP for Labour, Chris Mole thought time would be better spent drinking in the Fat Cat, where Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger asked him about the meeting. Mr Mole didn’t seem interested in what Ipswich Labour were doing. I guess that as he is doing more for Ipswich people through his work at the Ipswich Credit Union than he was when he was MP, he probably understands how pointless being involved with the Labour party around here is for anybody who wants to help people rather than help themselves.

Despite all the noise certain Labour councillors make on twitter about Labour Doorstep, we know that things are not going well for Ipswich Labour. When they have to resort to having a paid delivery for Gipping Ward, you know they are short of local activists.

Maybe this explains why they have got Ben Elton to send spam Emails asking poor people for money. Ben Elton says “I suppose these days I’m one of the wealthy minority.” Yes Ben, so what the hell do you know about what it’s like for normal, hard working people these days? Stop scrounging off the poor!

Yesterday Labour sent another scrounging Email from Louise Magee. a party of millionaires telling poor people other rich people are to blame for them being poor to con poor people out of their money. Don’t Labour have any shame?

Back to the paid delivery leaflet delivered to Gipping Ward this morning, it is a splendid work of fiction. It claims that people are £1,600 a year worse off a year. Where they get this figure from is a mystery. Of course people like me are worse off because the uncaring Ipswich Labour keep callously putting up council tax year after year.

The leaflet like all Labour leaflets, contains a number of lies. It claims that energy bills are up by £300. when in fact energy bills are going down and if bills were frozen when the Labour party had their petitions to freeze them, our bills would now be higher. It claims that millionaires have had a tax cut. Lie! During 13 years of Labour apart from the last few weeks, the highest earners in this country paid only 40% tax and now they are paying 45%.

The leaflet says that Labour will freeze bills until 2017. As energy bills are going down, a freeze would mean that we would be paying more for our energy than we would be if prices were not frozen. So Labour plan to make us worse off. No surprise there!

The leaflet says that they want to bring back the 10 pence rate, putting lots of low earners back into tax after the Conservatives have taken them out of tax. So Labour plan to make people worse off. No surprise there!

They want to raise the minimum wage to £8.00 an hour. Now if the minimum wage worked then there wouldn’t be a cost of living crisis. Employers merely pass on the costs by putting up prices elsewhere.

Inside the leaflet, they tell us that they are going to stifle aspiration by taxing wealth. They say that they will tax homes worth £2 million or more. This is as backward as the window tax. people will be taking out their central heating systems to avoid the tax as people bricked up windows to avoid paying the window tax. Don’t think it will just stay on homes worth £2 million or more either. This is a tax on home ownership because Labour want us all in council houses, being clients of their socialist state.

The leaflets says that labour will increase apprenticeships. As youth unemployment is the lowest it’s been for a decade and Labour left it higher, we can take that with a pinch of salt.

The leaflet says that Labour will give 25 hours of free child care a week. Where the money will come from, it doesn’t say.

The leaflet finally comes out with something that , considering Labour’s record in office, is comedy gold.

It says that Labour will ban agencies that only hire workers from overseas. That is really ridiculous because the practice that they’re talking about banning is illegal already.

It says that Labour will stop the exploitation of migrant workers to undercut local wages. As the exploitation of migrant workers is going to be made illegal through the modern slavery bill it’s just a silly sound bite.

It then says that they will stop people claiming benefits until they have lived here for at least 2 years. So Labour are going to make people who come here looking for work who then can’t find it vulnerable to people traffickers and modern slavery.

It then hilariously says that they are going to have 1000 extra border staff to tackle illegal immigration. It doesn’t say where the money will come from to pay it, but as we know that Labour love diversity and would have an open door immigration policy to bring about the global socialist state in micro, we know it’s nonsense anyway.

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