Labour and Lib Dems are attempting to buy the General Election

Lord Oakeshott has donated £600,000 to Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green candidates in 46 marginal constituencies in a bid to prevent a Conservative victory at the General Election in May. He left the Lib Dems and sits as an Independent in the Lords but is a staunch pro-European to the point where he is against people making a democratic decision on our relationship with the EUSSR. Hence he wants Ed ‘no I don’t want an in/out referendum’ Milicluskey in Downing Street.

He has given £10,000 to Labour to help unseat Carlisle’s Conservative MP.

Conservative MP for Carlisle, John Stevenson said

“It’s very interesting that the Labour candidate is taking money from a Liberal Democrat who doesn’t want the people of Britain to have a referendum on Europe. The message to the people of Carlisle is, if you want a say on Britain’s involvement in Europe, only the Conservatives will deliver it.”

More here.

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