My week ahead, 23 February – 1 March 2015

Monday 23 February, Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Tuesday 23 February, Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Wednessday 25 February, 6pm – Ipswich Borough Full Council Meeting, Town Hall

Thursday 26 February, Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Saturday 28 February, Campaigning throughout the borough

This week Ipswich Labour showed us all how much they take Gipping Ward for granted by having a paid delivery of a leaflet full of vacuous dogmatism to it. I did an exposé on it here. They were prepared to deliver the nauseating codswallop themselves in Holywells and Saint Johns but when it comes to Gipping Ward they are completely indifferent and really can’t be bothered with the place. If the Conservatives did a paid delivery for Bixley Ward, Ipswich Labour would be making a song and dance about it with snide remarks appearing on Twitter and the dRoss Blog, but Ipswich Labour think nothing of the residents of Gipping Ward and use it as a dumping ground for their career politicians. Ipswich Conservatives don’t need to use a paid delivery for Gipping ward because the King of Gipping is worthy of his title.

Star Trek fans are likely to be familiar with the Ferenghi Rules of Acquisition If you don’t know, the Ferenghi are a bunch of selfish, self serving, greedy people who are in it for themselves much like the Labour Party. Obviously Rule 19 “A contract is a contract is a contract (but only between Ferengi).” is adhered to diligently by the Lib Dems who break any agreement they make with other parties they are in coalition with and Rule 1 “Once you have their money … never give it back.” is followed impeccably by the Labour party because before you give Labour your taxes they have already spent the money at least ten times on their own vanity projects, so there isn’t a hope in hell of you ever getting anything back. But the Labour party really need to learn how to follow Rule 60 “Keep your lies consistent.”

Labour are often quite good at keeping their lies consistent but locally they have really messed up recently. If you peruse through the emetic vacuity of the leaflet which I did an exposé on here, you will find it claims that we are all £1600 a year worse off. But in Friday’s inane, polemic rant by that bloke who wants to be our MP in the Morning Ipswich Star is the claim that we are all £1900 a year worse off. Who is right, Wallace’s advisor’s or Napoleon? Well, neither of them are right because they are both not telling the truth. Because of tax cuts and a reduction in fuel prices we are all at least £800 a year better off. The economy is growing, wages are going up above inflation and unemployment is falling. As a matter of fact, the economic recovery under this government has been so miraculous that Labour have to pretend that it isn’t happening to have something that resembles an election campaign.

Also this week, on the day the Mark Murphy show was talking about a crackdown on parking in Ipswich a couple of Ipswich Borough Council vans parked on double yellow lines outside the studio.

Last week Labour visited Norwich in the much mocked Barbie Bus. This week David Cameron visited Felixstowe and gave a speech about economic growth in the East of England You can read the prime minister’s speech here. There isn’t a single Labour MP in Norfolk or Suffolk and when the choice is between growth and future prosperity or a pink van, what is anybody capable of rational cognition going to choose?

This next week I shall be campaigning hard in Gipping Ward. There is still much work to do but Labour are going to be in for one hell of a shock in May.

Also this week is the full council meeting. The Conservative group have an excellent budget amendment that will save money and allow council tax to stay at it’s current rate rather than have it rise by 2% as Labour plan to do. Labour have no doubt prepared their speeches to arrogantly patronise the Conservative group with their usual pompous, dismissive snobbishness and delusional idea of their own superiority. Naturally Labour will vote against the amendment because they want to make people worse off so they can obsequiously claim to be on their side when at the doorstep.

Also at the council meeting, I am asking Ed Miliband’s candidate for Ipswich a question regarding a ward issue. I am wondering if it’s worth it considering how little anyone in Ipswich Labour cares about Gipping Ward, due their arrogant belief in the untrue socialist maxims that say that the working class should know their place, put up, shut up and vote Labour. But we shall find out on Wednesday.

I know this isn’t Saturday diary but here’s a quote.

“When I see a white van I think respect.”
:- Ed Miliband.

How out of touch is that? Most of us when we see a white van think “Is he going to pull out in front of me?”

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