Ipswich Labour’s Paid Delivery

Yesterday I mentioned that a Labour leaflet in Gipping was by paid delivery. I have since found out that it was by paid delivery across the whole of South West Ipswich. So while Labour are sending out Emails with the lie that the Tories are trying to buy the election, Labour are trying to buy the election.

The author of the dRoss Blog was rather upset with me mentioning that they had used a paid delivery and tweeted this.

In response, I asked “So when you deliver your leaflets you deliver letters from Sun Life and leaflets for a double glazing company as well do you?”

Then the author of the dRoss Blog tweeted this

Sandra Gage responded with this

I responded with “Political dynasties. Born to rule privalage. That’s Labour all over.”

Then member of political dynasty, Alasdair Ross tweeted this

As Ben Gummer was selected by Open primary, that bears no weight.

Then not following the Ferenghi Rules of Acquisition Rule 60, Alasdair tried to explain why South West Ipswich was paid delivery with this

I asked why they were delivering the same leaflet in Holywells and St Johns on Saturday. For some reason he didn’t respond.

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