Conservative’s Support of Child Care

The Coalition has expanded the free childcare for 15 hours a week for all three and four year olds to incorporate disadvantaged two year olds. The state also funds extended after-hours school services, subsidised childcare in Sure Start Centres and has provided tax relief for various employer-based schemes. The childcare element within the working tax credit refunds up to 70 per cent of childcare costs, which can rise to 97 per cent with various disregards within other benefits. On top of many of these schemes, the coalition has introduced tax free childcare and pledged that Universal Credit will extend childcare support to parents working less than 16 hours per week.

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5 Responses to Conservative’s Support of Child Care

  1. Ben Redsell says:

    Not a lot of cop if the County has closed the local children’s centre though is it Kevin…

  2. Julie says:

    Doesn’t this Labour supporter know those horrible Ipswich Labour people are not allowed to comment here?

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