Ipswich Labour Hike Up Council Tax Again

Last night Ipswich Labour supported by the Ipswich Lib Dems voted to hike up council tax for the fourth year running. Labour put it up because they want to make people worse off and claim it’s the Tories fault. Quite why the non entity that is the Lib Dems supported it is a mystery.

This years budget was put forward by Ed Miliband’s candidate, David Ellesmere and it was the most nauseating party political broadcast those present are ever likely to hear. He claimed that Ipswich Labour have kept their promises. If that is the case, then maybe he should have told us how they saved libraries with locality budgets. He mentioned that they’d brought the old sugar Beet site but didn’t mention that they have lumbered the borough with £20 million debt in the process.

The budget was seconded by Politburo holder for finance, Martin Cook who basically said that the Tories in government were horrid people for not giving away money that they don’t have.

The brilliant Conservative amendment was brought forward and the Tory group leader was on great form. Councillor Cenci pointed out that the accumulative effect means that because of Ipswich Labour ‘s rent rises the average council house tenant in Ipswich has paid an extra £2358 over the last three years. Councillor Cenci also brilliantly gave the figure paid out by council tax payers due to the accumulative effect of Ipswich Labour’s yearly council tax rises.

The bulk of the savings that the Conservatives put forward would have come from stopping the Ipswich Pravda Angle being monthly and reduce it to being published twice a year and stopping Area Committee Chair’s allowances.

The Labour group responded by defending the Area Committee chair’s allowances and the Pravda Angle because Area Committees and the Ipswich Pravda Angle are important ways of telling people what Ipswich Labour the council are doing. Hilariously, the author of the dRoss Blog said that Ipswich Labour have not indulged in wanton spending. If borrowing £20 million to buy a site outside the borough isn’t wanton spending, then I’d hate to think what is.

During this time Ed Miliband’s candidate along with the author of the dRoss Blog, made party political broadcasts that were irrelevant to the debate and launched a couple of particularly nasty personal attacks on Chris Stewart. There was also a personal attack on former Tory councillor, Richard Pope. The fact that neither of those Ipswich Labour chose to attack personally were present, demonstrated a certain vindictive cowardice on those Ipswich Labour member’s part.

Conservative councillor for Holywells, George Debman said all that needed to be said about the Ipswich Pravda Angle with, “The Angle. What a waste of money!” Councillor Debman then mentioned that a lot of borough residents don’t know what the Angle is. For readers who don’t know, it is Ipswich Labour’s council tax funded propaganda sheet. Conservative Councillor for Bixley, Eddy Phillips pointed out the fact that a lot of Ipswich residents don’t ever get a copy but residents of Pinewood, Rushmere and Kesgrave do. £40,000 for that? What a waste of money! Another thing that annoys me about the Angle is that instead of using an Ipswich based printing firm the borough pay Archant to print it in Kings Lynn.

Conservative councillor for Bixley, John Carnall mentioned that Ipswich Labour have put up Taxi fares by 2% at a time when the cost of fuel is down 30%

Around this time Labour County Councillors Sandra Gage and Bryony Rudkin made party political broadcasts that were totally irrelevant to the debate, ranting about county issues. Conservative councillor for Bixley John Carnall called a point of order during Dame Bryony’s rant saying that the debate had nothing to do with the malfunctioning of the County Council. The Dame continued her irrelevant rant.

We then heard from Lib Dem Andrew Cann who informed us that the Lib Dems were going to support the budget.

Then Ipswich candidate for Ed Miliband, David Ellesmere said that the fact that the last Tory administration cut council tax and were voted out and Labour have increased their majority every year after putting up council tax illustrates what Ipswich people want. So The leader of the council believes that Ipswich people want to pay higher and higher council tax. No seriously, that’s what he said. I believe that the Morning Ipswich Star’s reporter had left by this time but he probably wouldn’t have reported it anyway.

After this the two left wing parties voted to rip off Ipswich residents some more and the Conservative party voted against Ipswich people being ripped off.

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