Labour leader ‘Ed Moribund’ is an absentee MP

Unite’s puppet Ed Miliband said this week that MP’s shouldn’t take second jobs and concentrate on their constituencies. But Philip the MP for Shipley, told a Commons debate organised by Labour: “I wondered on what basis the leader of the Opposition thought he was a world leading authority on being a world-leading constituency MP.

“He happens to be my mum’s MP, and the MP for the area where I was born and brought up. It happens to be the consensus of opinion there that he doesn’t really care about Doncaster, he is hardly ever in Doncaster, and he is known locally as Ed Moribund rather than Ed Miliband.”

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A resident of Doncaster said

I hope he doesn’t get elected again this year, he is too much London and not enough Doncaster. How could he complain about Zero Hour Contracts and Low wages, when he did nothing happening in his own constituency!

Also a resident of Doncaster said this

When the Unison member Care workers went on strike regarding their paycut in Doncaster – where was the Unison backed MP of Doncaster to speak out about it? Nowhere, and some think he is credible to run the country?

This was also said by a Doncaster resident

He cares nothing about the North – and that came across in an interview he gave at one of the conferences when asked about the North South divide, which is completely ironic to say his constituency is in the North and had been through lots of job losses in the past.

Labour would have been better off with someone who has principles or worked for a living

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