Breaking: Ipswich Labour Councillor seen working in his ward.

Chukup Umunna joined Ed Milibands’s Ipswich candidate at the MyGo Centre yesterday. Even though the MyGo Centre is due to the excellent work of our Conservative MP, Ben Gummer, Ed Miliband’s candidate is trying to claim credit for it.

Chukup went into Gipping Ward with Ed Miliband’s candidate and other Ipswich Labour comrades in response to the Conservative borough candidate’s onslaught. Apparently they concentrated in the Hadleigh Road area of Gipping ward but didn’t venture much further into the ward out of fear of getting lost.

It comes to something when a local councillor has to introduce himself to everybody in a ward he’s been a councillor of for decades. But now he’s Ed Miliband’s candidate, he’s pretending to care.

While Labour were responding to the Conservative candidate for Gipping Ward’s ground offensive, the Conservative candidate for Gipping ward launched a new offensive in cyberspace with this and this.

It’s good that Labour are concentrating on what is supposed to be their safest ward. I wonder if they’ve worked out that they’re going to lose it yet.

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