Ipswich Labour’s Ingenious Ways of Wasting Money

One of the things Ipswich Labour obviously do at their secret meetings is discuss ingenious ways of wasting money.

Ipswich Labour have borrowed £18 million to buy the old sugar beet site. The fact that the private sector wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole has not stopped our lousy Labour administration from buying it. They did this solely to offer jam tomorrow but never jam today for electioneering purposes.

Ipswich Labour have also wasted £1.2 million of our money buying back the lease of the old Tooks site. This piece of land is mostly covered with concrete and would cost money to decontaminate like the old sugar beet site but Ipswich Labour saw the buying back of the lease as another ingenious way of wasting money.

Now at tonight’s executive meeting they are discussing the proposed Acquisition of Waterfront Sites and Saint Peter’s Dock The paper can be read here. They are planning to compulsory purchase some property from a developer even though the developer has plans to develop the site. It’s going to cost us £400 grand in legal fees before any money for the actual purchase is involved. This has also been done for electioneering purposes. This not only is an ingenious way of wasting money but also has the extra bonus as far as Ipswich Labour are concerned, of putting off people from investing in Ipswich in the future. This will help Ipswich Labour continue turning Ipswich into a run down ruinous mess to make people more inclined to vote Labour, so they can keep it that way.

Also at tonight’s executive meeting they are discussing the demolition of the old police station in Civic Drive. A website that is less reliable than this one said it would cost £1.2 million to demolish it but it probably won’t cost that much. But the buying of the police station and the demolishing of it are more ingenious ways of wasting money.

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2 Responses to Ipswich Labour’s Ingenious Ways of Wasting Money

  1. Ben Redsell says:

    I’d love to know which website said it would be £1.2 million? We at Ipswich Spy said £500,000 (which was the figure in the council papers had you bothered to read them) and the Ipswich Star didn’t mention a cost.

    • Kevin Algar says:

      There’s all sorts of figures being bandied about. The question that needs to be asked is by what percentage would the land value be increased after the initial demolition cost. Unfortunately I have no access to purple papers and even if I did, I could not give a disclosure of such information.

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