The Latest Ipswich Pravda

Yesterday residents in parts of Gipping Ward received a copy of Ipswich Labour’s council tax funded propaganda sheet. It’s slightly more interesting than the last one but it is still a waste of council tax payers money.

The front page has what is on the Regent. In the 1960’s Regent attracted the likes of the Beetles. later in the 70’s and 80’s it attracted the likes of Pink Floyd and Moterhead. Now we get Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr and Michael McIntyre.

On page three of the latest Ipswich Pravda Angle is the headline of Less than 9p a week for Borough Council Services. The article is a party political broadcast by Ed Miliband’s parliamentary candidate, David Ellesmere. It ends by saying that the budget was being discussed by the council as the Pravda Angle was going to press. In other words, the full council meeting was had to give the appearance of the existence of democracy in the Soviet Republic of Ipswich and everything had already been decided by the politburo.

It then has a bit about the towns parks.

Then on page 6 the Pravda Angle says that the council works to keep us safe. It has one page about the Ipswich Hears team and one page on how Big Brother is watching us to make sure we come to no harm in police state UK as created by the last Labour government.

It also has a bit about Area Committee’s and how they are having meetings to put up community notice boards around the town.

As is often the case, not a single Conservative or Liberal Democrat councillor is pictured or mentioned in the entire council tax funded Ipswich Labour propaganda sheet.

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