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imagesEast Anglia’s Premier political blogger has been informed that UKIP’s Norfolk County councillor for Dereham South, Paul Gilmour has questioned whether it’s right for Norfolk County council to take EU national children into care.

I don’t think he would rather we reintroduced the workhouse, but apparently his argument was that local government costs could be reduced by charging countries for Local Authority Care. What it demonstrates is that UKIP adhere to the belief that we are keeping everyone who comes to this country. It’s the “Why should we keep foreigners by paying them benefits?” attitude. The fact that it goes as far as to question whether we should look after foreign children should send alarm bells ringing in the minds of everybody.

zkznvkjnMeanwhile over on the better side of the Waveney and on the banks of the Stour reported on Sunday that Election material being handed out in Sudbury on Saturday by Kipper parliamentary candidate for South Suffolk, Steven Whalley makes no mention of Suffolk. says

Election information available on the stand and being handed out by his supporters included a copy of Liberty Press, the “Official Newspaper of UKIP Braintree” which appears to be the newsletter of Richard Bingley, hoping to represent Braintree, Essex in the general elections in May.

A careful scrutiny of this newspapers revealed that there was no mention whatsoever of Sudbury, Suffolk or even South Suffolk, nor was there any mention of Steven Whalley’s name or constituency bid.

You can read the article here.

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