Guest post by Comrade Blimp

This is the latest instalment from regular RSV contributor, Comrade Blimp. I’m sure you will find his latest post, fascinating.

Wear a Tin Foil Hat to Stop Tories Reading Your Mind

Tories are the scum of the Earth but working class Tories are the scum of the Universe. I mean how can they support their persecutors as they do? Tories persecute everybody but themselves. Us socialists don’t persecute people. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Tony Blair, Pol Pot, Che Guevara, Andy Burnham, Mao, Kim Jong Il, Nicolae Ceaușescu, Tito, Gaddaffi, Erich Honecker and countless others persecuted and caused the deaths of millions because they were not proper socialists. Socialism always works. The New Jerusalem didn’t come after 13 years of Blair and Brown because they are not proper socialists. Socialism will work next time because my sociology lecturer said it would.

The Tories want to privatise the NHS so poor people die. Labour never privatised the NHS, the fact that hospitals around the country are owned by private companies after 13 years of Labour and hospitals were not privately owned prior to 1997 must be Thatchers fault. Thatcher also caused England’s recent disastrous performance in the cricket world cup.

The Tories don’t care about the NHS. If they have an accident, they all use a privately owned A&E that only rich bastards like themselves can use. These privately owned A&E’s are situated all over the country and only the Tories can use them because only Tories have any money. There’s one situated near every major town and city in the country. Where are these privately owned A&E’s you ask? They’re all in secret locations that only Tories know about. It’s a conspiracy!

Millionaire sons of Marxist’s like Ed Miliband haven’t got two ha’pennys to rub together. Only Tories have money. How unfair!

We need protection from these Tory scum. They even have the ability to read people’s minds in some cases. A tin foil hat will protect you from this. Protect yourself now!

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