Labour’s Proposed 20 mph zone and the Missing Survey Results.

Not so long ago Ipswich Labour were saying that the Tories are against protecting children from cars speeding outside schools. As per usual they were being disingenuous. The Labour proposal was to make all of Whitton Ward and parts of Castle Hill ward a 20 mph zone. The whole idea of turning the whole of Defoe Road into a 20 mph zone is ridiculous. The same applies to the whole of Congreve Road.

To show the people support Labour’s proposal, Ipswich Labour did a survey of Whitton Ward residents. Strangely Ipswich Labour won’t make the results of their survey public. Why could this be? The Conservatives in North Ipswich have asked to see the results, but the Labour councillors seem to be having difficulty in finding them. It would appear that the survey has been put on a shelf somewhere to be forgotten about because the residents do not support Labour’s stupid proposal.

If they manage to have the whole of Whitton Ward a 20 MPH zone, don’t expect them to stop there. No doubt they would like to bring in 20 MPH restrictions along Birkfield Drive too.

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