My week ahead, 16 – 22 March 2015

Monday 16 March, Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Tuesday 17 March Conservative Campaigning in Ipswich

Wednesday 18 March, 6.30pm – South West Oblast Committee in the Orwell Room, Grafton House

Thursday 19 March, Conservative Campaigning in Ipswich

Saturday 21 March Conservative Campaigning in Ipswich

Another good weeks campaigning just finished with support from around Suffolk. Good response on the doorstep with lots of support for us Tories and the brilliant Ben Gummer MP. Don’t take any notice of the latest post on the dRoss Blog here,, he must be campaigning in a parallel universe. You also find Lib Dem’s in the town outside St Margaret’s and not just in the Pigeon. I found a couple in Gipping Ward last week. The author of the dRoss Blog understands that because there is only three Lib Dems on the council they have more than one portfolio and have to decide which committee meetings are important. Fortunately there will be only two Lib Dems on the council after the election next month.

On Thursday Ipswich Labour are having a break from campaigning to go the New Wolsey to see a play about industrial action from the early 70’s – it does remind us how Labour are controlled by the unions who ignore the working class in their quest for political power. Even more reason to make sure Len McCluskey’s puppet, Ed Miliband (or Ellesmere) don’t win in May!

Labour have cancelled the final council meeting of the year because they have such contempt for democracy and they don’t want to look like the unpleasant, uncaring, patronising oppressors that the Conservative group showed them up to be at the last full council meeting.

Anyway, that’s enough pastiche for this post. Back to the campaign this last week. I have been picking up a lot of issues in Gipping Ward as usual. You can see some of the places where I have been listening to residents here. As I have picked up so many issues, I am attending the South West Area Committee this week to ask a few questions concerning some of them.

Yesterday the legendary A Team or Anneka Rice team as they are sometimes called was out in Gipping Ward. For those who don’t know, the A Team are a unit of crack troops within the Ipswich Conservatives known for their amazing campaigning prowess. Legend has it that where as in international cricket the most frightening sight for a batsman used to be Shane Warne giving his jersey to the umpire, in local politics, the most frightening sight for a Labour Councillor is seeing this legendary group in their ward armed with canvas boards and leaflets. There are many stories about this group of Tory activists, though East Anglia’s premier political blogger can inform you that the story of them leafleting six wards in Ipswich, before jumping in a helicopter and leafleting all of Kings Lynn, is obviously fiction.

That was some pounding Gipping Ward got yesterday and the pounding shall continue. Ipswich Labour have taken Gipping for granted for long enough.

Also this last week some Labour activists came up to Ipswich from London. Where as local Labour activists all dress in a scruffy, unkempt manner to put across a working class image like Michael Foot did with his donkey jacket, these activists up from the Smoke wore black suits giving them the appearance of a bunch of funeral directors. Of course, if Labour get back in, it will be everyone’s funeral.

Vote Conservative.

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One Response to My week ahead, 16 – 22 March 2015

  1. Jim T says:

    The story of them leafleting six wards in Ipswich, before jumping in a helicopter and leafleting all of Kings Lynn , is obviously fiction? Did they not get around to doing North Wootton or something?

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