Ipswich Labour Support Intergenerational Poverty

At yesterday’s South West Area Committee our Labour councillors revealed themselves as uncaring hypocrites.

They denied a funding request from the Ipswich Foundation Years project. The Ipswich Foundation Years project is an early intervention project based at the Avenue Theatre Gippeswyk Avenue, supporting children and Families in Gipping, Bridge, Stoke Park and Sprites Wards. The project addresses the problem that children from poorer backgrounds arrive at school with lower levels of language/cognition, and daily living skills, and self-control. These factors mean poorer children do less well academically and this disadvantage continues throughout school. The project aims to encourage parent’s involvement in their child’s early learning and development because the quality of a child’s home learning environment is the most important factor in whether a child is developmentally ready for school.




The Foundation Years Trust, set up following Frank Field’s 2010 report to the Prime Minister ‘The Foundation Years: preventing poor children becoming poor adults’ aims to develop a widely applicable model of early interventions as a means of improving the life chances of disadvantaged children.

But Ipswich Labour support intergenerational poverty because they believe it protects a vote bank of theirs. Labour are totally incapable of doing anything that isn’t in the interests of the Labour Party, which is why after listening to an excellent presentation on the project, Ed Miliband’s candidate for Labour started attacking the Tory county council in regard to children’s services while refusing to fund this excellent project.

Hearing Labour members moaning about Suffolk County Council while refusing to fund the early years intervention project, I could not believe the level of callous hypocrisy.

Though the project was the most worthy of funding of all the requests, it was the only one where the funding request was deferred by our lousy Labour councillors. No doubt this is so they can launch on attack on the Tories over at Endeavour house at the next meeting.

Our Labour councillors including Ed Miliband’s candidate, refused to support help for disadvantaged children because it would not have been in the interests of the Labour party.

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2 Responses to Ipswich Labour Support Intergenerational Poverty

  1. Julie says:

    Ipswich Labour are so horrible.

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