Ipswich Labour Junk Mail

Labour are still trying to buy the election in Ipswich with another paid delivery of junk mail across the south west area of the constituency on Thursday. This showed how Labour are so willing to waste money because they were actually canvassing in polling district PC shortly before the leaflet was being delivered by Royal Mail. It was also clear that the leaflet that the Conservative candidate for Gipping Ward was also delivering at this time, was far better.

One of the most interesting things about the junk mail Labour paid Royal Mail to post for them is the absence of any mention of Ed Miliband or his candidate, David Ellesmere. Are Labour embarrassed of their leader and their local candidates?

It says that they will create an NHS that cares. Are they saying the NHS doesn’t care now? What an insult to all those who work in our NHS!

It says that they will freeze energy bills even though they announced that they had dropped the policy. Are they trying to confuse the electorate? More than likely!

It says that they will cut immigration. Yeah right!

The whole leaflet is a bit like this

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