My week ahead, 23 – 29 March 2015

Monday 23 March, Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Tuesday 24 March Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Thursday 26 March Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Friday 27 March Campaigning in Ipswich

Saturday 28 March Campaigning in Ipswich

This week we found out how callous and uncaring Ipswich Labour lead by Ed Miliband’s candidate are when a funding request from the Ipswich Foundation Years project was refused by South West Ipswich councillors for Labour.The project addresses the problem that children from poorer backgrounds arrive at school with lower levels of language/cognition, and daily living skills, and self-control. These factors mean poorer children do less well academically and this disadvantage continues throughout school. But we found out that despite all the rhetoric and holier than thou postulation Labour indulges in, they just don’t care. I responded to their callous refusal with this blog post. A couple of days later I spoke to the patron of the excellent project that had been refused funding. I was unaware that he was the patron until he told me. The patron of this project is Ben Gummer MP. So Ipswich Labour refused funding to protect a vote bank and because the patron of the project is a Conservative MP. Labour are totally incapable of doing anything unless it is for the Labour Party. They are truly self serving and nasty.

Also this week Labour showed how they were trying to buy the election with another paid delivery throughout South West Ipswich. The leaflet was devoid of any references or pictures of Ed Miliband and his local candidate.

This week has been an excellent week campaigning for our brilliant MP to be reelected. Labour have absolutely nothing to offer and it is clear that neither Ed Miliband or his candidate have a clue about what is in the interests of the country as a whole or the people of Ipswich.

Gipping Ward has been regularly blitzed this week, twice by the legendary A Team. Many issues have been picked up and a lot of them have been dealt with. Yesterday Gainsborough Ward got blitzed and even the borough candidates for UKIP and the Green Party were pleased to see us. The only people who were not pleased to see us in Gainsborough, were the tired looking Labour canvassers we saw in the afternoon.

Also this week I asked a couple of questions at the South West Area Committee. One question was about rubbish along the river bank and in the river between Handford Bridge and West End Road. They told me that they were aware of it and considering the amount of rubbish, NASA are probably aware of it too after seeing it with one of their satellites. They gave us a complicated reply. The other question was in regard to the future of the ‘dog pound’ in Chantry Park. The ‘dog pound’ is basically a couple of disused tennis courts that dog owners use to see how their dogs behave if let of their lead. It’s future is in question and I pointed out that owners of rescue dogs let them off their lead in the ‘dog pound’ to see how they act rather than risk them attacking other members of the public.

This following week I shall be campaigning hard to get Ben Gummer reelected.

Vote Conservative.

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2 Responses to My week ahead, 23 – 29 March 2015

  1. Julie says:

    It’s horrible how they wouldn’t support the foundation years project. Ipswich Labour are such nasty, evil people.

  2. Katie Spearman says:

    Do you think they turned down the funding request because Ben Gummer is the patron? How spiteful they are.

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