Ipswich Labour’s Post Card

Ipswich Labour are attempting to buy the election. Not only have they had two paid deliveries in South West Ipswich but they are now sending cards through the post with pictures of Ed Miliband’s candidate on them.

To the left of the picture of Ed Miliband’s candidate it says that Labour has a better plan but fails to tell us what the plan is. Ed Miliband’s candidate says that he will be a strong voice for Ipswich. Him a strong voice for Ipswich? He can’t even get an alley gate fixed in his ward. He says he will always put the people of Ipswich first. This from the councillor who is so unknown in his ward and considered so irrelevant, residents come to me with their problems instead. We have reason to believe that Ed Moribund is sending a similar card saying the same thing to residents of Doncaster.

On the back of the post card it has five sound bites. It says that Labour will give a strong economic foundation.


It says that they’ll control immigration. As if a party lead by a millionaire, multi culti, Hampstead Fabian is going to control immigration. They want to encourage immigration to bring about their global socialist utopia in micro.

Vote Conservative

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