My Week Ahead 30 March – 5 April

Monday 30th March, Conservative Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Tuesday 31st March, Conservative Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Wednesday 1st April Conservative Campaigning in Ipswich

Thursday 2nd April Conservative Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Friday 3rd April Good Friday Town Centre Walk 10:30–11:30

Saturday 4th April Conservative Campaigning in Ipswich

Sunday 5th April Αλληλούια Χριστός Ανέστη

Another fantastic week campaigning for Ben Gummer MP. We must save this country from Labour and the SNP. Those who want to bankrupt the country with those who want to break up the country.

This week’s election interviews were a clear illustration of the choice facing Britain at the next election: competence and strong leadership from Prime Minister David Cameron or chaos and weakness from Ed Miliband.

The Prime Minister put in a strong performance. He highlighted that 1.9 million more people are in work than in 2010 and have the stability and security of a pay packet. He made a powerful case for continuing with our welfare reforms, so young people have no choice but to be earning or learning. He made clear that the Conservative Party will not raise taxes to deal with the deficit – we will make sensible decisions so Britain can live within its means.

During his interview, the Prime Minister didn’t pretend that every problem in this country has been fixed but answered the questions honestly and directly. He showed that he was able to take difficult decisions for the good of the country and that he has a credible long-term economic plan to secure a better future. Above all, he made clear that a strong economy is critical to everything we want to do as a country – whether it’s having better hospitals, better schools or more security in retirement.

In contrast, Ed Miliband was all over the place. He refused to admit that the last Labour government spent too much before the financial crisis – something even Tony Blair now admits was the case. He completely ignored the question when confronted over Labour’s record on energy bills which doubled between 1997 and 2010. He held up his cobbled-together tuition fees promise as an example of why people should vote for him – but glossed over the fact that he has broken his promise to abolish them. He tried to talk tough on immigration – but refused to agree that there should be a limit on immigration and would not apologise for Labour’s uncontrolled immigration in office.

There is no doubt that Mr. Miliband just isn’t up to the job of Prime Minister. Only David Cameron offers the strong leadership to build a stronger economy and secure a better future.

Vote Conservative

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