The BBC is a Labour Mouth Piece


The Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to get Labour elected. The level of skillful propaganda being pumped out by the poll tax funded propaganda department of the Labour party can clearly be shown by the Election debate last week. People who saw it live say Cameron won. People who saw the BBC edit say Miliband won.

The fact that we have to pay for this bias rubbish is a disgrace.

A lot of fuss was made about the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson because he is right wing alleged to have hit somebody. But he is not the only person who has been suspended recently. BBC Radio Bristol presenter John Darvall has been kicked off his show because he’s engaged to the local Tory MP.

The Mail reports here,

A BBC presenter has vented his fury at the corporation in an on-air outburst after he was kicked off his popular morning show because he is engaged to the local Tory MP.

This Labour supporting, poll tax funded, bias behemoth should be privatised.

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