Labour want less people in work and more people on benefit

Almost 40 Labour MPs employ staff on zero-hours contracts despite Ed Miliband claiming they have ‘no place’ in Britain. Some of Mr Miliband’s closest allies in the Labour Party have used the contracts – including his election campaign co-ordinator Lucy Powell and parliamentary bag carrier Karen Buck – who has six staff on the contracts. More here.

The exploitative Zero hour contracts were banned by us Conservatives. Labour are ranting about a problem that we caused to no longer exist.

Clearly Ed Ballsup wants Labour to change zerohours contracts and it sounds like he has plans to expand AWR.

If Labour change AWR legislation they will make transition from unemployment to work harder, they’ll put SMEs in the position of thinking no we will make do rather than hire another person and other employers will chop and change people in their workforce to avoid what Ballsup said he’d do. So we’re looking at fewer jobs with a lot more job insecurity under Labour, with SMEs strangled in red tape and not able to expand or take on more because of employment legislation to please Brussels and unions. Labour are the ultimate zerohours employment law specialists as people will get no work on JSA.

Now Ed MiliCluskey has attacked the UK employment miracle by dubbing certain jobs demeaning. The Sun reports on it here.

Clearly Labour have chosen work as demeaning sending the message welfare is an acceptable lifestyle for those who can but don’t work.

What was the party of the workers is now the party of the non workers.

Has Ed MiliCluskey ever done a labouring job or stacked shelves between jobs? He’s never had a job outside politics. He’s an out of touch, sanctimonious non entity.

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