Labour apologise for screwing up the economy.

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have apologised for screwing up the economy. Ed Balls in a move as unbelievable as the fact that the football team he supports (Naaaaaaridge) won a trophy once said that he was deeply sorry for ruining the economy and inflicting misery on millions of people and getting booted out of government over it.

Ed Miliband said that he was deeply troubled by the fact that Labour mishandled the economy so much over the 13 years they were in power. He believes that they should have spent and borrowed more.

They both said they were sorry they couldn’t continue wrecking the economy and are most alarmed at how low unemployment is at present.

They said that they were sorry for the mess they caused and would like the opportunity to wreck the British economy again.

Locally, Ed Miliband’s candidate has also admitted that the council he leads is absolutely clueless and said he believes Ipswich people love how they’ve turned the town into a run down ruinous mess and if he was our MP Ipswich would become a non entity.


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