Zero Hour Contracts

If they banned zero hour contracts there would be an increase in temporary contracts. Then obviously there will be less job security. Then if legislation was brought in to make temporary contracts less temporary than employers would just employ less people and there would be higher unemployment and those in work would be doing more for the same money. As these Hampstead Fabians who run the Labour party have never had a job outside politics and have no comprehension of the real world they can’t see it, even though it’s so obvious.

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One Response to Zero Hour Contracts

  1. Jack R says:

    Absolutely correct.

    Many people on zero hours contracts are very happy to have the complete flexibility in their life-styles, allowing a convenient work-life balance. If they were told they had to work a fixed pattern, then they would say “screw this, I’m gonna go on the dole instead” and therefore unemployment would increase, the benefits bill would rocket & other employees would be pulling their hair out with the stress.
    As for employers, they will either give 11 week temporary contracts or more likely, won’t take anyone on.
    Therefore from both perspectives, the country would be ruined and Labour’s Great Recession of 2008/09 would become like a pleasant sunny day walking along the Deben at Woodbridge.The UK would be bankrupt, and because we’re not in the Eurozone (thankfully) there would be no-one to bail us out, unlike Greece and Miliband’s country of perfection -France.
    Vote Conservative for a clear and strong economic plan for the UK. Any other vote is a vote for chaos & disaster.

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