Media Controlled Government

The only thing worse than government controlled media is media controlled government.  Media controlled government lead Tony Blair to send our troops to Iraq.  Media controlled government means we can not fight ISIS. US President Barack Obama would like to negotiate with Iran to form an alliance to deal with ISIS but the US media that controls him won’t allow it. If President Obama made a deal with Iran, Fox News would crucify him.

David Cameron has stood up to the media who wanted these TV debates  It is also worth mentioning that people who saw last weeks farce live say Cameron won. People who saw the BBC edit say Miliband won. This is a classic example of media manipulation.

These TV debates have nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with media companies making a packet out of advertising revenue. This is why they are being promoted by the media as the biggest event to take place upon Albion’s shores since the Battle of Hastings.

The media concentrate on the party leaders. The media world is the world of celebrity. It creates this other world which we don’t live in that is out of touch with our world. It cuts people off from the democratic process.

For democracy to thrive there has to be more local involvement and more local debate. There needs to be more coverage of local hustings. and debate forums. Maybe local radio stations can help. Live web streaming is also an option. But the mainstream media that uses television won’t encourage democracy because it is against their self serving agenda.

Democracy is suffering because of a media  that promotes celebrity and is not about substance and what relates to peoples every day life. Tonight’s TV debate is a worthless example of the media loving itself for providing nothing.

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