Ipswich Left call for Renationalisation of our Rail Network

On Wednesday evening last week some prominent members of the local left wing fraternity were outside Ipswich Railway Station giving out leaflets calling for the renationalisation of our Railway system. One of the leaflets was given to East Anglia’s premier political blogger.

The leaflet claims support from the TSSA, Campaign Against Climate Change and the people’s Assembly for national bankruptcy. Against Austerity.

It says that 82% of CO2 transport emissions come from cars, planes and trucks and that we need affordable rail to get people out of the air and cars if we are going to support the environment.

If travel by rail wasn’t affordable to those being leafleted they wouldn’t have come to Ipswich on the train. So it sounds like they want our rail network and trains nationalised and subsidised so commuters can get to work at a lower price courtesy of other tax payers.

On Wednesday I had been on the East Suffolk line and more people use it now than they did during the British Rail years. During the British Rail years, you’d get on a train in Ipswich and wonder if the carriage will hold together long enough to make it to Westerfield. You’d be travelling in 50 year old junk. The rolling stock has improved very much since privatisation.

Regardless of what left wing romanticists think, renationalising our rail network would not improve our rail network. Such money is better spent on such things as an improved service from East Anglia to London, an improved service from Ipswich to the Midlands, HS2 and HS3. Such improvements would allow wealth to be distributed around the country rather than being mostly concentrated in the south east as it is now.

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