Labour Junk Mail about the NHS in Ipswich

Ipswich labour are continuing to try and buy the election with yet another paid delivery. The latest one is called Labour Today. It comes out with lots of uncosted promises and spends lots of time talking about the NHS.

The most interesting thing about the rag is that it contains an outright assault on UKIP and Nigel Farage, claiming Farage wants to scrap the NHS. It would appear that Labour are terrified of losing votes to UKIP and are resorting to bullying those who are forsaking them for UKIP with threats of scrapping the NHS.

The NHS serves the entire population of this country. The NHS is Britain’s largest employer and the third largest employer in the world, employing 1.3 million people. It owns 7 million hectares (27027.2 square miles) of land. The NHS is so huge that any claim that anybody intends to scrap it, is absolutely ludicrous.

When Labour start trying to scare people with threats about the end of our NHS, you know that they have lost the argument and are merely trying to shore up their core vote.

Remember that Conservative Ben Gummer got new heart facilities and a new stroke unit at Ipswich hospital while the local Labour party was busy doing nothing.

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