PfR decides not to appeal Isle of Wight Council’s refusal of the Camp Hill wind energy project

From the PfR website:

Since Isle of Wight’s Council refusal of the Camp Hill project at the December planning committee, Partnership for Renewables has weighed the benefits of appealing the council’s decision. However, after considering the matter carefully the company has decided not to proceed with an appeal, partly due to the challenging climate for onshore wind appeals at present exacerbated by the forthcoming General Election. The future focus will instead be on bringing forward to planning the larger projects in its development portfolio. Partnerships for Renewables is disappointed not to have the opportunity to build and operate a project that the company believes would have become a valued local asset and a standard-bearer for renewable generation as a whole on the Isle of Wight. We would like to thank all those local people on the island who supported the project and hope that the quantum of renewable generation on the island continues to expand.

This PfR project was very similar to the Thorington Barn proposal. The Isle of Wight planners met and refused permission just days before Babergh planners met and refused the Pannington Farm proposal.

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