What Ben Gummer has done for Health Services

In January, Ipswich Hospital underwent a rigorous inspection by the care quality commission, as part of their review of all hospitals across the country. Ipswich got a ‘good’ rating – one of the first large hospitals to get that grades since the grading system was introduced.

Despite massive pressures over Christmas, the emergency department at Ipswich hospital has been rated ‘outstanding’ by the care quality commission. Judged on one of the busiest weeks of the year, the department nonetheless got the top grade possible.

We have a great hospital in Ipswich and some fantastic GP’s But Ben Gummer won’t settle for that because he wants us to have the best healthcare possible.

Ben’s biggest victory for the hospital, with the Ipswich Star and heartbeat East Suffolk, has been to secure a new state-of-the-art heart unit at Heath Road. The previous Labour MP tried to get rid of the Hart services from our hospital but after a campaign led by Ben Gummer the new government reversed the decision and gave the hospital £5 million to build the new Centre.

Four years ago, there was a threat to the stroke services in Ipswich some health bureaucrats wanted to move them out of the county to Cambridge and Norwich. But Ben stepped in and made sure that not only did we keep the stroke services but we got more money to make them better Our stroke centre is now rated as one of the best in Britain.

Suffolk has traditionally had less funding for health than other parts of the country – something previous governments have failed to put right. with colleagues Gummer Ben has fought for fairer funding and last year NHS England listened for the first time. As a result, this year our GP’s will receive an extra £21 million to spend on healthcare in Suffolk – a massive increase of 6.64%. That is New money this year that we will have every year of the next parliament, should David Cameron and Ben Gummer be returned to office.

Ipswich already has some of the best cancer care in the country our radiology unit is second to none. But there is more to do. Ben helped break the ground on the new Woolverstone wing, which will provide some of the best chemo services in Britain. Together with the other cancer services already provided by the hospital, Ipswich can be a real regional centre of excellence rivalling far larger places in the range quality of the Care that can be provided.

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