Why Residents of Gipping Ward should vote for me

As the Conservative candidate, I can say that I have been an active community campaigner in our part of Ipswich for some time and I have fought many successful battles on behalf of residents on a variety of issues.

Some Issues presently of local concern are,

The state of the roads and grass verges in Chantry. If elected I will campaign to have the verges strengthened and all roads rebuilt properly as has been done to Wallers Grove, rather than merely patched up to be full of pot holes six months later.

The ‘dog pound’ on Chantry Park.
A number of residents have told me of their concern of it’s possible removal. I recently brought up the matter at the South West Area Committee meeting. Nothing has been planned yet but I did point out that people like letting rescue dogs off their lead in it to see how they behave.

Speeding motorists in Belstead Road and Stone Lodge Lane. Obviously a possible solution would be speed bumps but it needs to be ascertained if local residents want them.

Litter in various parts of the ward. when it occurs I would encourage residents to use Ipswich Borough council’s cleaner Ipswich hotline on 01473 433000

I have also picked up a number of new issues over the last three weeks.

Promoted by Olivia Willett on behalf of Kevin Algar both of 9 Fore Street Ipswich IP4 1JW Hosted (printed) by wordpress.com

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