Ed’s slab gives the finger to the will of the people says Boris


Theoretical principals must sometimes give way for the sake of practical advantages.
:-William Pitt the Younger

In other words, it is bad practice to write policies in stone


Boris Johnson’s article in theDaily Telegraph takes a pretty dim view of Ed’s stunt with the stone slab.  Boris begins:  “It’s the smugness that gets me. It’s the brass-necked complacency. As a piece of premature chicken-counting combined with insolent disrespect to the will of the electorate, this Labour stunt is frankly unbeatable.moses4Never mind measuring the curtains for Downing Street, Ed Miliband is so confident of victory this Thursday that he has already commissioned a vast monument to himself. He has caused a stonemason to engrave an 8ft 6in slab of limestone with a series of fine-sounding but essentially vacuous slogans, as if this were East Germany circa 1973, and he has promised – nay, sworn – that on the very first day of his regime the work will be religiously installed in the garden of the prime minister’s offices.

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