Those Ordinary People have spoken

We have had five years of Labour talking about ‘ordinary people’ We have had five years of Labour spouting guile filled politics of envy. We have had five years of a bunch of millionaires telling poor people that other rich people are to blame for them being poor. Labour really believed the people of this great country were falling for it all. The ordinary people of this country spoke out loudly at the ballot box and told us all what they think of the Labour party and their archaic, class war dogmatism. Those Ordinary People have spoken and told us of their rejection of Labour’s emetic and vacuous message.

Until Friday morning, many on the left in British politics had absolutely no idea just how much ordinary people despise their views. But now ordinary people have let them know.

How have the Labour intelligentsia reacted to this?

So these are Labour’s views about ordinary people and yet they couldn’t believe ordinary people would vote against them.

They couldn’t believe that the opinion polls were so wrong. They found out that many ordinary people were shy Tories. They are shy because of the vitriol hurled at them by Labour and the left. In short, many Conservatives have been bullied into silence. But many of those who were bullied into silence spoke out at the ballot box on Thursday.

Even after ordinary people clearly let everybody know that Labour does not represent them or their views, Labour has continued with their nauseating, sanctimonious codswallop. For instance Ed Miliband said this in an Email to Labour’s supporters.

illions of British families who need and deserve the fairness, compassion and opportunity that only a Labour government can provide…..we are a party that will never stop fighting for the working people of this country

So after ordinary people rejected his message he carried on spouting it in all its emetic vacuity. Labour just don”t get it.

Here in Ipswich we had nearly five years of class based , politics of envy by Ed Miliband’s candidate. We had four years of Ipswich Labour putting up council tax and council house rent year after year while blaming the Tories for a cost of living crisis. Ordinary people across the borough were not impressed. As Ed Miliband’s candidate was writing weekly polemic rants in the Morning Ipswich Star about NHS privatisations and other things that didn’t actually exist and as he was using his position as leader of the council to help his parliamentary ambitions, the town centre was becoming run down, Ipswich Labour were doing everything to stop people invest in Ipswich and the ordinary people of our great town were starting to get angry. Then on Thursday the ordinary people of Ipswich spoke and let David Ellesmere and our lousy Labour council know what they thought of the prospect of David Ellesmere being our MP, they let us all know what they thought of David Ellesmere’s leadership of the borough council and this lousy Labour council that represents itself rather than the ordinary people of Ipswich. David Ellesmere’s disgustingly negative and inane message was wholeheartedly rejected. The people of Ipswich spoke loudly. Ipswich Labour were smashed in the parliamentary election and across the borough in the council elections.

After receiving his crushing defeat to Ben Gummer, David Ellemere”s speech was one of the most ungracious speeches I have ever heard. I think that he had to change the start of it because starting his speech with the phrase “I have been elected” was not an option. So he started ranting about austerity and sanctimoniously claimed that Labour is the party for ordinary people. Though it was ordinary people who had so spectacularly rejected his vacuous message.

East Anglia’s Premier political blogger has been informed that after the hiding in the parliamentary election and the hiding in the council elections David Ellesmere received he has put his name in the hat for his old post of leader of the council. The fact that the ordinary people of Ipswich have so clearly rejected his leadership of the council would make any reappointment of him to the position utterly farcical.

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