What an Absolute Bloody Farce!

After having his leadership of the council being spectacularly rejected by the electorate, Captain Mainwaring is to remain leader of Ipswich Borough Council.

The Morning Ipswich Star reports here,

Just days after losing the parliamentary seat to Conservative Ben Gummer, David Ellesmere is set to retain the leadership of the borough council.

The farce gets bigger as the article also informs us that, Glen Chisholm is to be the mayor. After just three years of public service, he is going to be the borough’s leading citizen. You just couldn’t make it up! I will say that he is very good at chairing meetings as I have observed at the South West Area Committee, but is he worthy of such a prestigious position as mayor of Ipswich? Don’t be ridiculous!

Back to Ellesmere getting his old job back. After four years of council tax rises and council house rent rises, policies designed to persuade people not to invest in Ipswich, ruining our town centre and making Ipswich look like a dump in places, the electorate showed us all what they think of his leadership. So Ipswich Labour have decided that the people of Ipswich don’t know what’s good for them be reelecting the architect of their demise as their group leader. Ipswich Labour offered the people of Ipswich nothing under his leadership and so the people of Ipswich trounced Labour in both the parliamentary election and the council elections.

It is an absolute farce that David Ellesmere is still leader of the council and I can’t wait to get rid of him next May.

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