Ipswich Labour’s lies about me.

On January 12th this year, here, I said,

The electoral commission can’t decide if the blog posts of election candidates should have the legal blurb at the bottom during election campaigns. As I really don’t see the point of putting it at the bottom of posts about modern slavery, local crime, global human rights abuses and the like, I shall be shutting this blog down as we draw closer to the election.

So, once my nomination had been made official and I was aware of it, I posted a video saying “Good bye for now.”

Ipswich Labour decided that it was in fact they who stopped me blogging. Such is their arrogance. This is because prior to my post where I said I wasn’t blogging for a couple of weeks. (Listen to the video here, and you will hear that I said for a couple of weeks and not for the duration of the election campaign.) Ipswich Labour’s agent got rather upset about a post I’d written previously about Ipswich Labour members idea that they have a born to rule privilege, talking about their many political dynasties. I have been informed that Ipswich Labour’s agent stormed into Ben Gummer’s office and started ranting and cited their cover story that they used to hide the fact that they had treated one of their own so appallingly. The Ipswich Conservative agent’s response was to phone me up and ask me nicely if I could take it down. Why their agent didn’t go directly to me, I can’t say. I strongly believe that the use of the cover story was an act of cowardice on Ipswich Labour’s part.

When I started blogging again, the author of the dRoss Blog started tweeting some nasty tweets, claiming that they stopped me blogging and I was breaking another Tory promise by blogging again. Well, as you can see by my post in January, shutting the blog down temporarily was always my intention.

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One Response to Ipswich Labour’s lies about me.

  1. Julie says:

    They claimed they got your blog shut down for exposing how they treated a respected councillor of theirs? They are such horrible people.

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