My Week Ahead 18 – 24 May 2015

Tuesday 19th May – Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Wednesday 20th May 2:00pm -Attending Matthew Percy’s memorial service at All Saints Kesgrave. 6:00 Pm Mayor making and annual Labour love in at the Corn Excahnge

Thursday 21st May – Campaigning in Gipping Ward.

I am starting immediately campaigning in Gipping Ward to get the 400 or so extra votes that will remove Ed Miliband’s candidate and leader of the council in May.

Ever since the election, everything has been fabulous apart from the budgies getting help from the referee to beat us at Carrot Road. Well I guess John cook and Ed Balls need something to be happy about. Labour has lost its leader, its Scottish leader, its shadow chancellor, its shadow foreign secretary and a leadership candidate in nine days. The only downside is the loss of Ed Miliband, the greatest Labour leader ever. Not even Michael Foot got near Ed Miliband in greatness. The Ed Stone was an absolute stroke of genius.

The Comrade Blimpish left have reacted badly by waving flags with lots of red in them about, claiming a certain group within society are only interested in money and have secret plans to rule over everybody else and calling for a group in society to have their money taken off them because they’re greedy. The Comrade Blimpish left are the fascists of our time.

On Wednesday I shall be attending Matthew Percy’s memorial service. Matt was a regular reader of this blog and would often let us know what he thought of it. He was active in the Labour Party, and involved in local politics. He was on Kesgrave Town Council and community organisations such as the Friends of Ipswich Central Library. He worked very hard for the community and was certainly in politics for all the right reasons. He will be missed by many.

Also on Wednesday is the farce that is the Annual Labour Love In. Labour are going to make Glen Chisholm mayor. I guess that as he’s going to lose his seat next year, they have decided to give him the honour of being our leading citizen while he is still a councillor. The mayor making ceremony will involve a proposer and a seconder telling us all of what a marvellous bloke he is. They will in the process be saying how marvellous they all are. After this we will be informed that David Ellesmere is getting his old job back. After four years of council tax rises and council house rent rises, policies designed to persuade people not to invest in Ipswich, ruining our town centre and making Ipswich look like a dump in places, the electorate showed us all what they think of his leadership. So Ipswich Labour have decided that the people of Ipswich don’t know what’s good for them be reelecting the architect of their demise as their group leader. It’s good for the Conservatives that Captain Mainwaring is staying but it’s a disaster for our town. The political monopoly supported by ridiculously gerrymandered ward boundaries in Ipswich must be smashed.

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