Ipswich Labour at War!

Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger can reveal that Ipswich Labour are at war with each other.

Reliable sources inform us that, not everyone in Ipswich Labour were happy about the buying of the sugar beet site. We have been informed that there are two rival factions at war with each other over the issue. We have also been informed that within these two factions are factions who either want the portfolio holder for economic development to be replaced or want Carole Jones to keep the post.

It would appear that things came to a head when after it was obvious that the people of Ipswich rejected David Ellesmere’s message, the portfolio holder for culture, Bryony Rudkin mounted a leadership challenge. Apparently there are some blistering rows between the comrades. To persuade Bryony Rudkin to not continue in her quest to remove the leader David Ellesmere, whose direction the people of Ipswich so blatantly rejected, Ipswich Labour offered her the deputy leadership and stabbed Neil Macdonald in the back. This manoeuvre hasn’t gone down well within certain factions either causing even further division.

We have been informed that the squabbling has continued, hence the portfolio holder positions were not announced at the annual meeting last night as is tradition. We understand that a number of people within Ipswich Labour want Carole Jones replaced as portfolio for economic development, with a number of people insisting that they take the portfolio themselves. They are all having a massive falling out with each other over it.

There is so many factions within Ipswich Labour now, if it comes out in public they will be seen for the shower they are. This is why we had the newly appointed deputy leader saying how proud she was at the leader’s achievements, naming all the things they thought he would win the election over. Strangely, the most obvious achievement of having policies that are so rubbish that they helped a Conservative MP win a second term in Ipswich for the first time since 1922, wasn’t an achievement that was mentioned.

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